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From Vernon

1. From Vernon, head east on Highway 6 to Lavington. Lavington is approximately 15 kms east of Vernon on Highway 6.

2. Turn right onto Park Lane, approximately one block east of the Lavington Esso. Follow Park Lane over the tracks until you come to a "T" by the Glass Plant.

3. Turn left here onto Learmouth Road. Follow Learmouth until you come to another "T". This is Reed Road. Turn left again.

4. Follow this road up the hill. This road is gravel after you pass Whitevale Road and marked in kms. Continue on up on Bluenose/Aberdeen Main for 10.5 kms, then turn left onto Haddo Road.

5. At 14 km turn left onto Goat Mountain Road.

6. Turn right just past 23 km.


Bill and Wanda Dennis
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Nicklen Lake Resort
Aberdeen Plateau, Lavington BC